Factors affecting the unit price of steel frame factory construction

Construction unit price of steel frame factory is important information that clients need to consider before deciding to invest in construction. Join WorldSteel to find out the factors affecting the construction unit price and the reference unit price for some popular types of steel frame factories today.

What is a pre-engineered steel frame workshop?

Pre-engineered steel frame workshop or pre-engineered factory is a type of house built from steel structures including the frame (rafter frame, columns, beams collectively known as steel frame), roofing sheet, substructure, steel connection fittings. All steel structures are manufactured and processed with exact quantities and dimensions at the factory according to technical drawings, then transported to the construction site and completed and erected in a very short time.

Reference: WorldSteel pre-engineered steel building design and construction service

Factors affecting the unit price of steel frame factory construction
Cost estimation is an important basis for determining construction unit prices of construction works in general and steel frame factory construction in particular. Here are some factors affecting the unit price of steel frame factory construction:

1. Requirements on the structure and scale of the workshop

The specific needs of the investor when building a factory will determine the plan, structure and construction materials of the factory. Foundation solutions, structural options, steel, heat-resistant materials, covering solutions and accompanying ancillary items are factors that greatly affect the unit price of steel frame factory.

The same structural and material solutions, but the construction unit price of a steel frame factory of 1000m2, a factory of 5000m2 and a factory of 10000m2 will be different. In addition to the construction area, the factors of total steel weight, steel type, technical drawings, architectural requirements lead to different factory construction unit prices.

2. Design of steel frame factory

The unit cost of building a steel frame factory with a modern style design and a selection of special materials will be higher than that of a simple and traditional factory building model. Optimizing the pre-engineered steel frame structure plan along with foundation solutions and material solutions will reduce construction costs for investors.

3. Building materials

Depending on the specific needs when building pre-engineered steel buildings, the construction unit will consider choosing appropriate construction materials. For example, factories producing food, mechanical processing or electronic equipment often have high requirements for construction materials, leading to higher construction unit prices than conventional factories.

4. Construction time

The main material used in the construction of the factory is steel (accounting for 70%), so the unit price of the steel frame factory depends heavily on the unit price of steel. However, steel prices may fluctuate from time to time during the construction process.
The beginning of the year is the right time for construction because the weather is quite favorable, construction projects are often just started, not yet deployed rapidly. While many projects are running on schedule at the end of the year, the rainy weather will affect the construction time. At this time, if the construction time is long and there are many difficulties, it is likely that the unit price of steel materials will change in an unfavorable direction for the investor, as well as increased labor costs due to the prolonged construction progress. Therefore, when estimating costs and considering construction unit prices, investors should also consider fluctuations in steel prices and construction time to avoid financial waste.

WorldSteel steel frame factory construction service process

WorldSteel pre-engineered steel building design and construction company is a reputable unit in the field of construction and design of steel frame factories with more than 27 years of experience, bringing peace of mind to clients when experiencing. WorldSteel’s steel frame workshop construction service process is performed accurately in each stage.

Step 1: Come up with ideas, propose solutions

First, the client provides WorldSteel with the necessary information of the project such as the size of the factory, its use, and the desired construction schedule. Based on this information, WorldSteel will offer different design solutions and analyze, evaluate and advise on choosing the most optimal solution for the client.

Step 2: Sign the contract

When the client accepts the construction quote, the two sides will begin to discuss more closely about the construction process. WorldSteel and the client discuss and agree on the terms and construction process and then come to the conclusion of the contract.

Step 3: Develop technical drawings

With the proposed plan accepted by the client, WorldSteel proceeds to complete the technical drawing for the project. This is a drawing directly related to the processing and erection as well as detailing the technical structure of the entire project.

Step 4: Machining

During the machining process, WorldSteel strictly adheres to the technical requirements on the drawings to ensure the highest accuracy. The quality control stage at the factory is also strictly performed by WorldSteel to ensure that there are no defects affecting the quality and progress of the work.

Step 5: Install pre-engineered steel buildings

Steel structures, after being processed at WorldSteel’s factory, will be transported to the construction site for the complete erection stage. The supervision of the quality of erection at the construction site is also strictly carried out by WorldSteel, ensuring no defects and no accidents.

Step 6: Warranty

WorldSteel is committed to 3 years warranty for materials, 10 years for structures and always ensures quick and accurate handover of works according to the plan.

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Above are some factors that will directly affect the unit price of steel frame factory construction that investors can refer to. For more information on unit prices and estimated costs for current quality factory samples, please contact WorldSteel via email: or call the hotline for direct advice.

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