Quotation of High Quality Anti-Rust Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings

Thanks to many outstanding advantages compared to reinforced concrete houses, pre-engineered steel buildings today have become a very popular choice in many countries. However, the problem of rust is still a concern that makes many clients wonder when choosing this type of steel building. Does a higher pre-engineered steel building quote company guarantee better construction quality?

1. Pre-engineered steel buildings and rust concerns

Thanks to the outstanding properties that today, steel has become a widely used material in the field of house construction. But besides the utility of steel, manufacturers and users also face the problem of rust:

  • Material quality reduction;
  • Affecting production and processing lines, requiring appropriate anti-corrosion measures;
  • Causing unsafety, loss of aesthetics and reducing the life of the work;
  • Expensive maintenance costs;
  • Harmful to the environment and human health.
  • Rusted metal materials make many clients worry about the durability of the construction.

2. WorldSteel removes the worry of rusting pre-engineered steel buildings

  • With more than 6000 projects from many countries and a team of highly skilled engineers, WorldSteel is always proud to lead the Asian pre-engineered steel building industry:
  • WorldSteel’s materials are officially imported from Japan, Korea, China, and all meet ASTM quality standards (USA).
  • Constantly improving products to improve the quality of works, while optimizing operating and maintenance costs for investors: heat-reflecting materials, insulation materials, leak-proof roofing sheets, anti-corrosion materials trail,…
  • WorldSteel is also proud to be an enterprise that applies international standard applications such as MBMA, AISC, AWC, AISI, IBC and uses modern software such as Tekla, Strumis. All steel structures are strictly quality checked by WorldSteel at the factory before being transported to the construction site and erected.

When choosing WorldSteel, besides cost optimization, high-class products, quick construction time, clients also save on maintenance and operation costs with a reliable warranty policy.

WorldSteel is a unit of design, processing and erection of steel buildings with 10 years of experience and more than 6000 projects in many countries. Thanks to the design and engineering capabilities trusted by many clients, WorldSteel is committed to providing the best quality products and services. Contact us today for a free consultation and quote via email or phone number:.

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