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WorldSteel Group Re-Achieves Ias Ac472 Certificates – The 5th Time

On May 23-25, 2023, WorldSteel Group honored to welcome Mr. Joseph Kingtons, the representative from Smith Emery Laboratories to World Steel, performs verification and inspection work at the manufacturing factory.

This is essential work to confirm that the World Steel factory has comprehensive quality assurance procedures in accordance with the IAS AC472 certificate criteria – the leading quality assessment standard currently recognized by the US MBMA (MBMA: The abbreviation of the American “Metal Building Manufacturers Association”).

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IAS AC472 is a complete quality control assessment management process system specifically for steel structure manufacturing companies, accredited by MBMA – Metal Building Manufacturers Association and ICC – International Code Council.

IAS AC472 is important not only for works manufactured and constructed by Steel Structures for the world’s No. 1 advanced country like the US. AC472 is the “Passport” for non-US steel structure manufacturers who want to officially export structural steel products to this market, requiring AC472 quality certificate.

In the US, AC472 Certificate for steel structure constructions, projects ensures that all products comply with the design, construction, and fabrication process in accordance with quality standards and evaluated by an independent third party. Investors using products and services from manufacturers and companies producing pre-engineered steel buildings with AC472 certificate will be assured of quality. A steel building manufactured according to AC472 standard will receive the following benefits:

  • Pre-engineered steel building projects manufactured on the basis of AC472 will be granted construction permits faster.
  • The durability and safety of steel buildings according to AC472 standards will be higher.
  • The cost of buying insurance for the works is lower.
  • Maintenance cost for steel building system will be lower.
  • The commercial value of these works is higher.

About the IAS AC472 Certificate Authority:

  • AC472 is overseen by the International Accreditation Service (IAS), which is a wholly owned subsidiary of the International Code Council (ICC).
  • This body evaluates and accredits building departments, special inspection bodies, testing and calibration laboratories.
  • Official website:

About the company representing IAS performing Audit activities, Smith Emery Laboratories:

  • Smith Emery Laboratories is the partner representing IAS AC742 to evaluate World Steel’s system every 6 months in Vietnam.
  • Is an American company with a history of over 100 years, since 1904.
  • Smith Emery Laboratories is one of the leading US companies in the field, with offices in many countries and regions: USA, Canada, North America, China, etc.



  • The IAS AC472 certificate is valid for 12 months.
  • According to regulations from the IAS, companies like World Steel must undergo at least 2 audits per year, each 6 months apart.
  • The results of these times will determine whether this certificate can be extended or not.

IAS AC472 is an important certificate with very high quality assessment standards. The certificate is not only for companies wishing to export steel structures to the US market, but more importantly, it shows the capacity and strengths of World Steel. The re-accreditation of IAS AC472 is a proof that all of World Steel’s systems are being operated and controlled in the most rigorous manner.

World Steel is proud to be the first and only company in Asia to achieve IAS AC472 certificate. With IAS AC472 certificate, World Steel is the first Vietnamese company to have a license to export pre-engineered steel to the US. World Steel is growing stronger and reaching out from Vietnam, contributing to building the reputation of Vietnam’s steel structure industry and the international market that WorldSteel Group has been conquering.

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