IAS AC472 – The Only Quality Management System For World Steel Steel Structure Products In Vietnam

What is IAS AC472 & What makes it special for steel structure companies?

IAS AC472 is a specialized quality management system specific to the Steel Structure industry recognized by MBMA (MBMA: Metal Building Manufacturers Association of America) and ICC.

IAS AC472 is important not only for works manufactured and constructed by Steel Structures for the world’s No. 1 advanced country like the US. AC472 is the “Passport” for non-US structural steel manufacturers who want to officially export Steel Structure products to this market, requiring AC472 quality certificate.

To Achieve The IAS AC472 Certificate & Re-Evaluation, What Do Companies Need To Do?

Unlike many other certificates, a successful inspection for the AC472 certificate is really difficult. To achieve this, the company must first have a team of professional personnel and a methodical operating system. When evaluating the system, people often refer to ISO, but here in the steel structure industry, IAS AC472 is much more than that, is an intensive system, specialized for the field of steel structure production. Only businesses that care about sustainable development: consciousness in sustainable, long-lasting quality products, then focus on investing a lot of money and enthusiasm for systems like this or similar.

In the steel structure manufacturing industry, surely we all know MBMA (MBMA: Metal Building Manufacturers Association of America was established in 1956), or we can also call MBMA the birthplace of the industry (a lot of related standards are being developed and upgraded by this prestigious international organization), which creates standard systems, defines and sets many standards for the pre-engineered steel structure industry. One of the mandatory criteria to join this prestigious association is to achieve AC472 (with only this, we can imagine how prestigious and important AC472 is to the field of Steel Structures in the US).

In the US, IAS AC472 is the standard for construction works according to the framework specified in the Steel Structure category, specifically, a project manufactured under the IAS AC472 system:

  • Will get approval for building permits faster.
  • The durability and safety of steel buildings according to AC472 standards will be higher.
  • The cost of buying insurance for works is lower.
  • The maintenance cost for the steel building system will be lower.
  • The commercial value of these works is higher.

For these reasons, the annual achievement and maintenance of the IAS AC472 certificate is a great pride of the World Steel team. That proves that the execution capacity of WS is always ready to meet all criteria, the most complex requirements of every project from clients.

Every year, WORLD STEEL has to undergo 2 periodic reviews of this certificate by the IAS representative from the US, then experts from the US will come to Vietnam to conduct the evaluation. So, what will these AC472 experts evaluate and do: Does this evaluation process stop within the departments and the World Steel plant?

It is a list of many criteria, a detailed evaluation process of the quality management system according to this certificate will include a detailed evaluation system for all essential activities to make the product, from the initial stage of receiving information until the product is completed at the Company:

  • The initial departments, from sales, design, purchasing, human resources, training, project management.
  • Manufacturing plant: departments related to production process assurance activities: maintenance, production, quality.
  • External affiliates (if any): outsourcing subcontractors, outsourced product suppliers.

Who is the representative partner of IAS AC472 in the annual World Steel evaluation? It is Smith Emery Laboratories, one of the leading US companies in the field, established in 1904 with a history of more than 100 years of development in the evaluation and inspection of the quality system in-depth. It has operating offices in many regions in the US, Beijing and Canada. Smith Emery Laboratories is the representative partner for IAS AC742 to evaluate World Steel’s system every 6 months in Vietnam.

IAS AC472 certificate is considered a prestigious authentication basis for businesses to export their products to the US market.

Along with investing in a high-class IAS AC472 product quality management system for steel structure products, World Steel is orienting and striving to become one of the high-quality enterprises trading in steel structures in the global market: Currently, World Steel’s products are available in many countries in Southeast Asia with a very large volume being exported every year to the markets: Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Laos, Cambodia, Australia, and the most special is the US market (USA is the most difficult market in all markets with extremely high requirements, WS is the only company in Vietnam that can officially export Steel Structures to this market).

Through many years of establishment and development, World Steel has been building more and more perfect a professional factory with a team of senior technical personnel. We are also extremely proud that WS’s working environment is also home to leading international experts in the Steel Structure industry. Everything here is always ready: an international quality management system, international high-tech personnel, a professional factory, skilled Vietnamese workers bring perfect quality steel structure products to the market.

In addition, in January 2023, World Steel also inaugurated a new office building which has been invested in a large and methodical manner, providing the best working conditions for staff. The standardization of the factory and quality process according to the IAS AC472 standard system is not only for Vietnam, but is the strategic vision of sustainable and long-term development of the founder with the main pillar being “Premium” product quality as the center.

World Steel office building in Long An, located at Lot Q9-10-15-16, St. No.7, Hai Son Expanded Industrial Park, Duc Hoa Ha Commune, Duc Hoa District, Long An Province.

We aim to serve and bring the best American quality steel structure products to the international market, along with a superior local understanding solution, reasonable prices, optimizing costs for investors, construction contractors in Vietnam and many countries around the world.

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