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World Steel erects Hau Giang Sunpro Steel factory complex

The complex of steel mills of Sunpro Steel, with a scale of 17.5 hectares, designed, manufactured and constructed by World Steel, is entering the finishing stage.

The project is located at Phu Huu A concentrated industrial cluster, Chau Thanh district, Hau Giang province, is one of the key projects of Hau Giang province in particular and the Mekong Delta region in general. The project, when put into operation, will bring great significance to the locality, in which it will bring many jobs for local workers, contributing to the development of the province.

Hau Giang Sunpro Steel is a construction project that is assessed to be very complex because of the technical characteristics of the project, with very large components, with the nature of a heavy industrial production project, many items of the future large-scale steel factory. Everything is forming under the daily efforts of the World Steel technical team along with the joint effort and support from the Investor and Supervision Consultant. Construction and safety measures are strictly controlled from many sides including: World Steel contractor, Investor and Supervision Consultant.

The beautiful scene when the construction is in the final stage, the large components are fully erected is the clearest demonstration of World Steel’s synchronous production and construction capacity with key and large-scale projects such as Sunpro Steel.


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