World Steel Group Give Moon Cakes To Employees As Gifts

Mid-Autumn festival is a special occasion for family reunion.

The family members will have a chance to chat, taste delicious moon cakes, drink green tea while admiring lantern parades. On this occation, the Vietnamese usually gives moon cakes and best wishes to each other.

Get involed in the eagerness of children all over the country to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival, World Steel organized the “Loving Mid-Autumn Festival 2019” program for employees at the company’s office and at the factory on August 30.

Photos at the factory:

This is an annual activity of World Steel, with the purpose of taking care of life and bringing more joy to employees and their families, concurrently creating the harmonious atmosphere of the full moon festival at the workplace.

Due to the fact that this Mid-Autumn Festival is adjacent to the Vietnam national day on September 2, World Steel gave moon cakes to employees in advanced, so that everyone can bring them as gifts for their family members when returning home for a long holiday.

Photos at the office:

It is extremely meaningful for employees to be received the gift on this occasion, and it also expresses sincere affection, practical concern for workers’ life that come from the Board of Directors of World Steel Group to encourage the staffs to work well. The company hopes that these small gifts can bring happiness and warm atmosphere to all members of the World Steel family.

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