Happy Birthday World Steel Group (August 28)

A river without rapids will become a peaceful river but the time without extraordinary marks will become tasteless.

More than 15 years, a long time enough to write a history and has great significance to mark the maturity of a collective, a company.

On August 28, World Steel Group was officially established, marking a new apprearance in Vietnam steel market. Over 15 years of development, from the starting point of a small-scale company with merly a few people, the amount of workforce has raised up to hundreds of employees up to now.


To celebrate the company’s milestone, the birthday party took place at both factory and offices on last August 28th, 2019 with the participation of all employees in the harmonious atmosphere.

Opening the party is a few words of Mr. Nguyen Khanh Lam – Chairman of the Board – General Director. To achieve these remarkable successes, all employees in the company made a great efford, they created unforgettable memories together from the beginning of the establishment and the achievements gained as today is the results of that effort.

Although the more than 15-year journey has ended, World Steel Group will continue on its way with many new challenges. We all hope that, with the efforts of all employees, World Steel Group will quickly become one of the leading steel structure companies in Vietnam.


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