Application of steel structure in the field of agriculture

Steel structure is more and more popular in the agricultural industry. Steel buildings are the first choice of investors for many reasons including durability, implementation schedule, cost, and later scalability. If you are looking for the optimal solution for your project, pre-engineered steel buildings are a great choice for you.

  • Construction of livestock farms.
  • Construction of net houses.
  • Construction of warehouses.
  • Construction of animal feed factories.

Pre-engineered steel buildings go through a series of processes: Design, manufacture, and erection. Everything is strictly and precisely controlled. Therefore, when choosing a pre-engineered steel building, the project will achieve the best quality as well as the desired performance.

Advantages of pre-engineered steel buildings in the field of agriculture

  • Provide a clean and dry environment to work, produce and store goods.
  • Reduce mold and bacteria.
  • Resistant to weather, pests, mold, etc.
  • Optimize usable area.
  • Speed up progress and save manpower.

Frequently asked questions

1) Construction of pre-engineered steel buildings is more efficient than reinforced concrete houses?

Depending on the type of construction, pre-engineered steel buildings can be more effective than reinforced concrete buildings. Especially in the field of agriculture, pre-engineered steel buildings are applied extremely effectively such as building production plants, warehouses, net houses, ….

2) How long does it take to complete a steel building?

It is difficult to give an exact estimate of how long it will take to build a steel building because there are so many different types and sizes of buildings. However, pre-engineered steel buildings always ensure to save implementation time. In addition, the implementation company is also a very important factor.

3) Which steel building company is the most prestigious today?

WorldSteel is a reputable pre-engineered steel building company, our capacity has been demonstrated through a variety of large-scale projects both domestically and internationally. The number of WorldSteel’s works are now many and varied in both scale and field. WorldSteel’s team has many years of experience, helping investors design and build a perfect project.

4) What makes WorldSteel stand out from other steel structure companies?

WorldSteel is the first company in Asia to achieve the IAS AC472 certificate, this is the basis for us to bring Vietnamese products to the US, a potential and challenging market. This is a market only for reputable and truly capable companies.

Some typical photos of steel buildings in the field of Agriculture

Tien Giang TongWei factory project

Tien Giang Tongwei specializes in the production and trading of livestock and poultry feed, located at Lot 31, Long Giang Industrial Park, Tan Lap 1, Tan Phuoc, Tien Giang.

This is a project that WorldSteel participates in as a general contractor. Customers can see details of this project at: Tien Giang Tongwei Factory

Binh Phuoc Cpv Food Project

CPV Food Co., Ltd is one of the leading enterprises in the field of producing animal feed exclusively for chickens, especially for export markets. Binh Phuoc CPV Food project with a total investment of 240 million USD, built on a 10ha land area, located in the south of Binh Phuoc province, Lot B10-A, Becamex Binh Phuoc Industrial Park, Minh Thanh Commune, Chon Thanh District , Binh Phuoc Province.

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