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WorldSteel Group’s 11 ͭ ͪ birthday celebration party

On the evening of August 26, 2023, WorldSteel Group’s 11th birthday celebration party was held at Kalina Tan Phu. The party took place in a warm and intimate atmosphere between the Board of Directors and all employees of the WorldSteel Group family. Besides, the event also had the presence of guests who are clients, close partners of World Steel, and representatives of teams participating in the 2023 World Steel Cup football tournament.

Established on August 28, 2012, through the process of non-stop development, WorldSteel Group has so far become a pioneer and leading prestigious unit in the field of industrial construction contractors in Vietnam, we have performed many large and small projects, spreading from South to North. Reaching out further to potential markets such as the US, Australia, Southeast Asian countries (Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia, Philippines, Cambodia,…) with hundreds of steel structure export projects. This is the clearest evidence for the increasingly strong development of WorldSteel Group.

WorldSteel Group is gradually becoming more mature day by day, with the theme “UNITY TEAM – SUCCESSFUL ORGANIZATION”, the Company’s Board of Directors has shared enthusiasm and motivation to the employee collective. The road ahead still has many thorns, difficulties and challenges, hope that the World Steel collective will always unite, make efforts to dedicate together to bring World Steel further and stronger.


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