WorldSteel Group Enthusiastically Celebrates The Arrival Of The Year Of Dragon 2024

On the morning of February 19, 2024 (the 10 ͭ ͪ  day of the Lunar New Year), World Steel Construction Joint Stock Company organized a New Year’s opening ceremony to welcome the Year of the Dragon 2024. The ceremony was attended by the Board of Directors and all employees of WorldSteel Group. The first meeting of the year took place in a warm and intimate atmosphere at the company’s headquarters in Ho Chi Minh City and the WorldSteel Group factory in Long An.

As a highlight of World Steel’s corporate culture, the New Year meeting provided an opportunity for the leadership board and employees to come together, exchange well wishes and hope for a favorable and lucky new year.

World Steel employees draw lucky numbers at the beginning of the year

In the joyous atmosphere of the first day of the year, all employees of WorldSteel Group participated in a lucky draw. The lucky numbers and unexpected gifts created a lively atmosphere filled with cheerful laughter.

World Steel employees receiving lucky red envelopes for the New Year

An integral part of the New Year celebration, World Steel’s Board of Directors distributed lucky money envelopes to all employees, symbolizing good luck and initiating a new year filled with enthusiasm and passion. World Steel would like to spread positive energy, happiness and love. May the Year of the Dragon bring abundant blessings and fulfill all aspirations.

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