WorldSteel Group – Non-Disclosure Of Information Policy

Information is an extremely valuable asset of a business organization or individual.

Acquiring sufficient information guaranties 50% success. Therefore, the exchange and confidentiality of information and a very important issue.

Recently, World Steel Group had a workshop on “Non-disclosure of Information

The board of directors and all staff present at the workshops drawing great attention to the topic. This is a significant turning point.

At the online workshop, leaders and employees exchanged about the risks and challenges of ensuring information which is widely spreading to every units and department of the Company. Leaders and all employees shared their experiences as well as made recommendations to ensure the Company information security.

Being rigorous and practical, the workshop session has played an important in the context of the enhancement of propaganda and dissemination to all employees about information confidentiality, raising the sense of responsibility, preventing leaking of information for vandalism; actively participate ensuring information safety and security.

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