World Steel Group – Full Of Emotion For “15 Year To Stand Firm”

World Steel Group, On the occasion of anniversary of the company establishment, held the Year End Party in 2018 at the Company’s factory with the theme “15 years of firm faith”.

As the most special events of the year, it is a great etiquette to welcome the representatives of the Board of Directors, customers, close partners and hundreds of employees at the factory.

On this special event, the Board of Directors sent the guests and all employees and their families the best wishes on the occasion of the new year. All toast to celebrate the successes achieved in the past year.

The General Director of the Company made his speech of sincerity encouraging everyone to work together to make new breakthroughs in 2019. It seems that any difficulties will be overcome. Each and every achievement will be accomplished by team-work, complying with the rules and general standards set.

Also, the outstanding individuals and collectives in 2018 were honored as a recognition of the Company for the great labor.

Apart from addressing on the successes, the year-end party is also a chance for the “in-house singers” to show their performance and also the opportunity for families and employees to share unexpected gifts from lucky draw, and above all, opportunity for brothers from the North – Central – South to get together to cheer the party whole-heartedly after days of hard labor.

The year-end party closed in such a cordial atmosphere with handshakes, warm hugs, and goodbyes.

A new year has come promising World Steel with changes and new steps to assert the World Steel Group brand going futher and stronger in 2019.


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