What Should Be Concerned When Building a Pre-Engineered Steel Factory?

1. Notes when building a factory

  • Design: choose a reasonable structural design solution, always ensuring the requirements for functionality, safety, sustainability as well as aesthetic assurance. This design also affects the total cost of the entire project, it needs to be detailed so as not to incur additional costs during the construction process.
  • Quality of materials: standard quality of materials will ensure the longevity of the work, helping to save maintenance costs. A worthy investment will pay off in the long run compared to choosing a low-cost option that costs money later on.
  • Choose a reputable and experienced unit to ensure the construction quality: accuracy and safety. In addition, ensuring safety when erecting is an important requirement in the construction and erection of pre-engineered steel buildings.
  • Paying attention to the above issues when building works will help investors optimize costs, ensure quality of works and build factories at a cheaper price.

2. Some photos of WorldSteel's factory and workshop construction

  • WorldSteel is a pre-engineered steel building company providing construction solutions for pre-engineered steel buildings to investors and contractors such as Samsung, Unilever, Obayashi, Doosan, LG,… With a team of more than 1,400 experienced professionals and engineers, WorldSteel has constructed more than 6000 projects in many countries such as Vietnam, Japan, Philippines, Myanmar, Thailand, Bangladesh, Indonesia,… with international quality standards.

3. WorldSteel's Services

The process of completing a pre-engineered steel building project includes 7 main stages:

  • Conceptualizing: Based on the initial wishes and ideas of the client, WorldSteel will propose a strict plan of design, fabrication, erection, cost and time.
  • Proposing solutions: After reaching agreement with clients, WorldSteel will offer optimal solutions in the use of materials, project cost estimates as well as construction time.
  • Contract signing and project implementation: As soon as the client agrees with the company’s solution, the two parties sign the contract and proceed with the project implementation.
  • Building technical drawings: With the excellent engineering capacity of more than 100 experts and the application of modern design & materials management software WorldSteel is committed to making clients satisfied with the design offered by the company.
  • Processing: Strict processing process with modern equipment with 7 steps: Steel cutting: CNC, Plasma,…; Automatic machine welding; Clean steel surface; Blasting on steel surface; Paint protection for steel surface; Galvanized, protective alloy plating for purlins, corrugated iron;
  • Transporting materials to the construction site. And 100% products are factory tested before delivery.
  • Quick and safe erection: All materials are baled and transported to the site for erection. Every stage of construction is strictly supervised to ensure the best quality.
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