WorldSteel Group Gathered In The Atmosphere Of Year-End Party 2023

Joy – Excitement – Pride are the lingering emotions of the World Steel Year-End Party 2023, held on January 27, 2024.

The Year-End Party with the theme “INNOVATION – UNITY – OVERCOMING CHALLENGES” took place successfully with the full participation of the Board of Directors, all employees and distinguished guests who are partners, World Steel’s loyal clients in Viet Nam as well as many countries around the world such as: Philippines, Thailand, Europe, Dubai, China,…

It can be said that 2023 is a year with many changes, ups and downs, but in the end, the most valuable thing is us, the people of WorldSteel Group, sitting here together, sharing what has been achieved and what has not. At the same time, together we outline new goals, new promising plans and conquer future challenges.

We believe that World Steel’s professional and dynamic workforce today will create a strong and sustainable WorldSteel Group tomorrow. And 2024 promises to be a year of reaching higher and further for World Steel!

WorldSteel Group’s success today is thanks to the joint efforts, consensus, and efforts of all employees of the company. And the Year-End Party 2023 is also an opportunity for us to honor the the teams and individuals who have performed exceptionally well in the past year.

Representing the company’s Board of Directors, Mr. Nguyen Khanh Lam presented flowers and commemorative plaques to accompanying departments and individuals with outstanding contributions.

Since 2022, World Steel has always had welfare policies to recognize the contributions and loyalty of senior employees on a 5-year cycle. This is considered a priority policy, very practical to motivate and encourage as a way to thank employees for choosing to accompany World Steel up to the present time and in the future.

Images of honoring employees with 5 years of working experience at World Steel.

In addition, to affirm the commitments of the Chairman of World Steel Construction Joint Stock Company according Decision WS-QD2808 dated August 28, 2022, effective from 2023 regarding “Supporting the full tuition fees for children of employees who have served for a minimum of 10 years at World Steel”.

Mr. Nguyen Khanh Lam – General Director of World Steel awarded cash to support all tuition fees for children of employees with 10 years of dedication at World Steel.

Throughout the program, there was a joyful and vibrant atmosphere. We were all immersed in the lively rhythm of truly explosive “homegrown” performances. The attractive prizes from the lucky draw game are probably the most thrilling and suspenseful part of the program.

The Year-End party is an important event, a memorable mark for World Steel. With the desire for development and reaching new heights, World Steel is confident that it will successfully complete the set goals and contribute to building an increasingly successful company.

Thank you all for accompanying and following the journey to success of WorldSteel Group. Let’s join WorldSteel Group in welcoming a happy and successful 2024!