WorldSteel Group Enterprise For Green Environment And Sustainable Development

On 12/09/2018, World Steel Group – Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings was honored to receive the award “Enterprise for green environment and sustainable development”.

This award is awarded by the Vietnam Business Science Union in collaboration with Research Institute for Medium and Small Enterprises.

The propaganda activities aim at the month of environmental actions to waken the awareness of each individual and enterprises raising their voice for practical environmental protection in response to the World Environmental Day 2018. Its commitment is to develop a green, sustainable, effective economy without compromising to the environment, biodiversity reservation for a better future for ourselves and generations to come.

Within the framework of the program, World Steel Group Pre Engineered Steel Structure and 59 Vietnamese enterprises were honored and recognized to meet the “green” and “sustainable” standards. The program “Enterprises for green environment and sustainable development”, gearing towards the month of environmental action, is organized by the Vietnam Entrepreneur Science Union in collaboration with Research Institute for Medium and Small Enterprises.

The program “Enterprises for green environment and sustainable development” was launched to gear up the national strategy on green development, strengthening communication and propaganda to organizations, enterprises and the whole society about the significance of green development, promoting the use of clean energy and renewable energy, greening production, reducing the intensity of emissions.

At the same time, the program aims to motivate and encourage organizations, enterprises to apply late technology in production, self-contained process manufacturing, energy-saving and recycling in production so as to improve production and competition capacity to bring out prestigious and quality brands, green and environmentally friendly products.

Also, it promote an emulation movement motivating enterprises to perform well the task of environmental protection and sustainable development in the future.

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